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April 2021 - Nuggets - Shout Out to All RE/MAX Garden City Realtors and Support Staff - Market Watch

April 2021 - Nuggets - Shout Out to All RE/MAX Garden City Realtors and Support Staff - Market Watch

Our Brokerage, RE/MAX Garden City Realty Inc., offers an abundance of professional realtors, long-standing dedicated staff but the most valued asset or compliment is our culture. We are a family that supports each other and goes the distance to ease the stress of the business of selling and buying real estate.

Below is a recent testimonial that I received from one of our RGC realtors.
“Two weeks ago my client’s sister noticed a Realtor taking pictures outside of a new home in her subdivision. Her interest in the property prompted her call to me and I quickly went into client mode and started the search for information and details for the sister. I was unable to find anything on our local Real Estate Board database, so I contacted our front desk for assistance. Thankfully they managed to dig up an assignment listing that had been suspended on the Toronto Real Estate Board. After some investigation, I found out that the listing had been taken down within a few short hours of it being posted. After numerous calls and pages, I finally got ahold of the selling agent. He screen-shotted nearly 20 calls from Niagara numbers calling him due to interest in the property. It was only live for a couple of hours, and I knew we had to act quickly.
Understanding that Assignment deals are not something that we come across often, I once again reached out to our front desk. With their combined help, the girls did their best and started collecting the pertinent clauses and conditions that would be appropriate for the deal, while I worked on reading the 45 pages of the original Agreement of Purchase and Sale. I quickly contacted a fellow agent from our Brokerage who had recently done an assignment deal. He was great and sent a previous transaction that I referenced for backup.
With everyone’s help. I pieced together a beautiful offer, pulling the required information, and started an entire page of math related to the transaction - offer details I am definitely not accustomed to! I had an offer submitted within 4 hours, and it was accepted. I was informed that there were 4 other backup offers sent shortly after our acceptance. Phew!! This was all done in the evening from my phone, in my vehicle at the side of the road.
We’re not done yet. With the in-house Mortgage/Lawyer “Liddiard brothers”, I was able to secure financing and provide a solicitor for the Assignment. This transaction went firm in just a few short days.

My clients had been searching for a home in this area for months, desperately trying to move back with their young family to the area, to be close to their sick father, with no success. They now will take possession of their new home next month, located just around the corner from family.

This was only possible because of everyone’s fantastic support and quick work. Thank you, everyone!”
I am so proud to be a member of this special family of realtors and support staff.
Until the next one…….