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The Facility

We’ve talked about the quality and attention to detail that was used in the front lobby and reception area of each office. That same quality is extended throughout the entire office at each of our locations. 

Private Offices
We don’t utilize bullpens or group work areas. Agents are provided private offices in which to work. Each office is equipped with a double pedestal desk, a credenza, and a bookcase, as well as a high-quality agent chair and client chairs. There’s room to bring your client right into your office where the environment is both professional and personal. With the freedom to decorate to your individual needs. 

Team Offices
We also provide workspace designed especially for teams. In some cases, it comprises an agent office with an attached secretarial suite. In other cases, it‘s a large space suitable for both licensed and unlicensed personnel.

Board and Conference Rooms
Where the number of clients exceeds two or three, it may not be convenient to use your own office. We have small conference rooms (closing rooms) and larger board rooms available for your use. Once again, they are top quality professional environments and in the case of our boardrooms, are equipped with servers for wireless application of laptop computers. Ideal for presentation or small group training sessions. 

Service Areas
From one end to the other, our facilities are designed for convenience and utility with a constant emphasis on quality.

  • IT Department 
  • Payroll 
  • Marketing
  • FINTRAC officers
  • Coaching
  • Advertising
  • iGuide video
  • In house lawyer
  • In house mortgage broker 
  • M.L.S. Work Areas 
  • Accounting 
  • Fax and Photocopy Rooms 
  • Administration
  • Green Room 
  • RE/MAX Cafe 
  • Training Centre 
  • Conference Room
  • Full-time agent manager


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