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Our Marketing Department is structured, staffed and equipped to readily provide attractive, effective tools and strategies focused on our Realtors’ specific needs... it’s virtually like each Realtor has their own Ad Agency and Print Shop. We have three Creative-Production Centres to serve Realtors at each location. Each Centre is staffed by a trained and skilled Graphic Designer and equipped with state-of-the-art digital printers. Our Designers are dedicated employees who make every effort to understand the Marketing needs of each Realtor. By being so focused, we’re able to develop themes and brands specific to each individual Realtor’s approach to their clientele, market area, and business goals. We offer an array of prepared templates for print material (feature sheets, promotional cards, newsletters, etc), but we typically design and develop collateral unique to each individual Realtor. Because we develop this work in-house, our Realtors are welcome to give input to each project as it evolves, resulting in a more distinctive and effective individual brand. Publishing our own proprietary catalogs of promotional material allows our Realtors to easily select products and programs...not available from any other creative providers. Our in-house production capabilities compare to a medium-sized print shop and we have one of the most advanced digital printers in the Niagara Peninsula; producing projects in quantities from just a few to thousands.


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