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September 2022 - Nuggets - Broker BBQ At Henley Island

September 14, 2022
Like a lot of traditions here at RE/MAX Garden City Realty, our Broker BBQ has experienced a lot of changes over the years. Originally it was a backyard BBQ held at the home of our Broker, Wayne Quirk. But that was when his yard didn’t have a pool and land space was plentiful.
Mortgage News

September 2022 - Mortgage News - Dreaming of a Home Away From Home

September 14, 2022
If you are dreaming of your very own vacation home, there are ways to make it happen! Let me walk you through your options. When it comes to taking on a vacation property, you will need to have a minimum down payment of 5% of the purchase price. If you are purchasing a non-winterized vacation home, or will not have year-round access, then you will be required to put down 10%.
Mortgage News

September 2022 - Money Machine - Is It Legal

September 14, 2022
Often when investors look at buying a property, the first thing they look at is rate of return or cap rate. And while getting a reasonable return on your investment is important it certainly isn’t the only thing you need to consider when it comes to making your buying decision.
Market Overview

September 2022 - Market Overview - In Search of Stability

September 14, 2022
The Fed’s are on a mission! They are waging an all-out war against inflation, and their weapon of choice is increased interest rates. It seems to be their hopes that by raising interest rates people will be reluctant to buy, or at least borrow and buy. Whether it has the desired effect on things like gasoline or appliances with the war in Ukraine still raging and shortages still lingering from COVID remains to be seen. One thing for sure. It is having a dampening effect on the Real Estate Market. That is evident both in the declining number of sales as well as the decline in average sale price.
Legal Update

September 2022 - Legal Update - THE SHOTGUN CLAUSE

September 14, 2022
When purchasing shares in a corporation or allowing new investors to buy shares in your corporation, you should consider a Shareholder’s Agreement to help govern your company. There are a few different clauses you may want to consider, one being the “shotgun” clause, sometimes referred to as the buy-sell clause. After reading this article, you will better understand the “shotgun” clause and know precisely where to seek legal advice.

August 2022 - Nuggets - One of the Highlights of Summer

August 11, 2022
Next to our Christmas Gala, probably the longest-standing tradition we have at RE/MAX Garden City Realty is our “Hackers” Golf Tournament. And it’s always a lot of fun.