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The Money Machine

June 2021 - The Money Machine - EVICTING A TENANT - PART I

June 15, 2021
As landlords we are in the business of attracting and retaining tenants, not getting rid of them. But there are times and circumstances where it becomes necessary to part ways with a tenant. At such times there are specific procedures and time frames that need to be followed.
Market Overview

June 2021 - Market Overview -Momentum Eases Slightly in May - Market Watch

June 15, 2021
Statistics show a slight decrease in both sales numbers and in average prices in May as compared to April, across Niagara.
Legal Update

June 2021 - Legal Update - Passing Away Without a Will - Market Watch

June 15, 2021
When you pass away, it is important that you do not leave your loved ones with doubt or disagreement about your estate. Having a will prepared before you pass offers important predictability to who will be responsible for managing your estate and who will benefit. Without a will, you are said to die intestate. When you die intestate, your estate is governed by the rules under the Succession Law Reform Act (“Act”). The Act deals with the rights of family members to a deceased person who dies intestate. This article will review a few common scenarios and situations that show how dying intestate may result in surprises to the distribution of your estate for family members.

April 2021 - Nuggets - Shout Out to All RE/MAX Garden City Realtors and Support Staff - Market Watch

April 12, 2021
Our Brokerage, RE/MAX Garden City Realty Inc., offers an abundance of professional realtors, long- standing dedicated staff but the most valued asset or compliment is our culture. We are a family that supports each other and goes the distance to ease the stress of the business of selling and buying real estate.
Mortgage News

April 2021 - Mortgage News - Preparing For The Spring Market - Market Watch

April 12, 2021
Spring is here! To help you get prepared for the Spring market, I have put together some details on what you need to know whether you’re buying or selling!
The Money Machine

April 2021 - The Money Machine - A Story For The Grandkids - Market Watch

April 12, 2021
Buy one Property a Year for Ten Years. Never Amortize for more than Fifteen Years. Never Sell. Three simple rules. Not necessarily easy. But simple. And yet, time and time again people who attend my seminars or read my material get started on that path, but then they fall off the rails. And generally what they have problems with is rule number 3 – Never Sell. What happens is this.