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February 2024 - Market Watch Newsletter - Nuggets - One Enchanted Evening

February 15, 2024
I realize by the time you are reading this article it’s the middle of February and Christmas is a distant memory. It’s just that so much happens around Christmas time that we can’t get it all in in one newsletter. Last month, we talked about our Caring and Sharing initiative that we undertake each year. This month I want to share the details of our Christmas Gala because it is such a special event at RE/MAX Garden City Realty.
The Money Machine

February 2024 - Market Watch Newsletter - Money Machine - Magic Pigs

February 15, 2024
When I was a kid growing up at home, I was always looking for ways to supplement my allowance. At first snowfall, I was up and out with a list of two or three homes with walks to shovel on my way to elementary school. In summer I would pick dew worms and sell them along the highway up in cottage country. I had a paper route. It was a Toronto based newspaper and so I had to cycle all over St. Catharines to service a few customers. But it was income.
Mortgage News

February 2024 - Market Watch Newsletter - Mortgage News - Are You Covered?

February 15, 2024
“New Year, new you” may be a cliché but it is for a reason! The New Year always has us thinking about where we are now, and where we want to end up. When it comes to your personal goals, a review of your finances and estate should be at the top of your list.
Market Overview

February 2024 - Market Watch Newsletter - Market Overview - What Are the Numbers Saying?

February 15, 2024
Legal Update

February 2024 - Market Watch Newsletter - Legal Update - The Role of Dual Wills In Ontario

February 15, 2024
Welcome to our latest newsletter! In this edition, we shed light on the use of dual wills as an estate planning tool in Ontario. Understanding your estate plan is critical to avoiding unnecessary challenges for your loved ones when you pass away. As this article discusses, dual wills can be an effective way to avoid the unfortunate taxation and delay associated with the probate process, and specifically focuses on distributing corporate and other assets where probate is avoidable.

January 2024 - Market Watch Newsletter - Nuggets - Caring and Sharing at Christmas

January 12, 2024
Christmas is a wonderful time of year. Enchanting! The season brings visions of golden-brown turkeys with all the trimmings. Carolers singing as the snow falls gently down. Gifts under the Christmas tree. Stockings hung by the fireplace. Family times. It’s just a special time unlike any other in the year. And a time when memories are forged that will last a lifetime.