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May 2023 - Nuggets - Celebration of Excellence

May 12, 2023
Mortgage News

May 2023 - Mortgage News - What To Know About a Second Mortgage

May 12, 2023
A second mortgage is a mortgage that is taken out against a property that already has a home loan (mortgage) on it. Generally, people take out second mortgages to satisfy short-term cash or liquidity requirements, have an investment opportunity or to pay off higher-interest debts (such as credit cards and student loans) that a second mortgage might offer.
The Money Machine

May 2023 - The Money Machine - To Delegate or Not to Delegate

May 12, 2023
Market Overview

May 2023 - Market Overview - MARKET CONTINUES TO REBOUND

May 12, 2023
It’s been a roller coaster ride when it comes to prices in Niagara ever since the onset of Covid. But in fact it goes back even further than that. Going back all the way to 2017 we have seen price gains in residential properties that were for a number of years previously just unheard of. In fact over the calendar year 2017 average prices grew by just over 25%.
Legal Update

May 2023 - LEGAL Update - Benefits of Virtual Minute Books

May 12, 2023
When considering starting a business and incorporating there are several advantages to Virtual Minute Books. Under the Ontario Business Corporation Act R.S.O 1990 it is required that corporations maintain accurate records. Minute Books contain a record of a company's resolutions, Shareholder Registers, Director Registers, Officer Registers, Shareholder Agreements, Forms Filed and other valuable documents.

April 2023 - Nuggets - Meetings

April 14, 2023
We used to have lots of meetings, back before Covid. In fact, in one of our many renovations in the past, we acquired space and designed a training centre, equipped with seating of course and work tables along with an overhead projector and wall-mounted screen. Adjacent to the training centre was our 50’s diner, designed to seat exactly the same number as the training centre and great for snack breaks and lunches when training went all day.