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March 2024 - Market Watch Newsletter - Nuggets - THE GREAT RE/MAX CHILI COOK-OFF

March 2024 - Market Watch Newsletter - Nuggets - THE GREAT RE/MAX CHILI COOK-OFF

Any excuse for a party. Or at least it sometimes seems that way. But with so much interest in this year’s Super Bowl (Kansas City vs San Francisco), and with so many accomplished cooks among our ranks, it seems like the perfect storm for a chilli cook-off.
The venue was a combination of our 50’s diner and our training centre, re-configured for the occasion. Invitations/challenges went out and to our pleasant surprise, some 15 or 16 people stepped up and committed to participate and cook up their favourite recipes. What an array of title names and an assortment of tastes. Entries included such things as: The Foo King, Great Bowls of Fire and Rockin’ Rooster.
Scorecards were made up and attendees were invited to try the entries and grade between 1 and 5 under the headings of: Taste, Aroma, Uniqueness, Texture and Heat.
The turnout was impressive. Tough to say exactly but by all accounts, 60 or so people participated by baking up the goods or enjoying them. In addition to our diner seating, we had long tables set up banquet style in the training centre giving everybody a chance to mingle – country style.


Scores were tallied and prizes were given out for first, second and third place. The winners received medallions on lanyards and wooden spoons engraved for the occasion.

First prize went to Cathleen Black of our front desk with her entry – Spicy Bison, second prize was awarded to Kevin Liddiard of D.L.C. fame with Hoppin’ Kangaroo Chili and Eva Alhaddad with The Chili of Eden was honoured with third place. Congratulations for sure are due to our three winners, but in fact judging by the variety of fares – aroma, taste, texture, all were absolutely amazing. 

A very big thank you to all our cooks, as well as to Michelle Bruce and Christine Firth who put in a lot of thought and effort to come up with the concept and then make it happen.

Shortly after the event, accolades and photos began to appear on Facebook. It was a lot of fun. Everyone seemed to have an amazing time, and judging by the way they titled the event “The First Annual…” it seems like this may become a recurring event.