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Meet Cathy O'Hara

Some of the greatest realtors in the business didn’t start out to be.  But when they look back at the pathway their life took they can see that much of what they have done in the past actually groomed them for ultimate success.

Cathy O’Hara spent much of her life in the hospitality industry. After school, she began working as a waitress in a local restaurant, and she performed very well.  So well in fact, that she moved into management, first of the dining services and eventually into human resources.  That skill set and experience saw her being offered and accepting a job at Holiday Inn in Burlington where she became recruiter and trainer for the Hotel.

But with the sudden passing of her husband, Cathy decided it was time to return to her roots and move back to Niagara.  And to make the change complete Cathy decided she would make a full career change as well.  Cathy’s sister Marlene, an extremely successful salesperson and manager in real estate in Burlington was in the process of relocating to St. Catharines and setting up a sales team.  She wanted Cathy to join her.  After some thought Cathy decided if she was ever going to do it, now was the time.  She quit her job, sold her house.  Moved to St. Catharines and enrolled in the real estate licensing program.

That change came back in 2012. and while Cathy can draw from her vast experience in the hospitality industry, it is as though real estate has always been her life mission.  No doubt while her exceptional people skills, quiet manner and genuine warmth are what attract the buying and selling public to her, it is her drive and determination that they find so rewarding.  She listens.  She engages.  Always puts her clients interests first.  And once she commits to the task she doesn’t let anything deter her.  “For Sale” quickly turns to “Sold”.  Dreams become reality.  Cathy is there for her people and quite frankly she gets the job done – well!

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