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Meet Harry Epp

There’s a reason why Harry Epp has been and continues to be a dynamic force in real estate sales for over 50 years.  He’s driven to excel.  When you follow his life’s journey to this point you see he’s a take charge type of guy.  His motto might well be “Some people see things as they are and say ‘Why?’ I dream of things that never were and say ‘Why Not?’”

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Harry began his working career there but soon decided that wasn’t destined to be his long term home.  He had 3 uncles in the real estate business in Niagara, and when visiting he liked the area, he liked the climate, he liked the people.  He said “Why not”.

Upon moving to Southern Ontario, Harry began in the world of finance working for Household Finance where he became a Branch Manager, then a corporate trainer as well as a manager.

Over time, Harry decided he would venture out more into hands on commercial business, so he moved to the auto sector both in sales and management.  Beyond sales his achievements included opening and operating dealerships both in Toronto and here in Niagara.

But ultimately real estate was in his blood.  After all, that was the family connection that brought him to Ontario to begin with.  Here too, Harry initially straddled both the Toronto and Niagara markets.  And interestingly it was an incident while working in Toronto Real Estate that led Harry into specializing in Commercial.

An opportunity came up to list a Power of Sales resort in The Bahamas, and of course that included several trips to the Caribbean.  Harry not only sold the resort but he found that he very much enjoyed and in fact was very good at Commercial Real Estate.   That was when  his real estate specialty was born.

For decades now Harry has been one of the leading forces in Commercial Real Estate sales in Niagara.  Development, design build, leasing, investment. Harry does it all, and does it very well.

He knows the area.  He knows the market.  He knows Commercial Real Estate.  That’s not to say he doesn’t list and sell the odd residential property.  He does.  But when it comes to Commercial real estate, whatever you are looking for, Harry is your guy.  While other’s hearing your request may scratch their heads and say "Why"   Harry rolls his sleeves up and says "Why not".


Speaks: English, German
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