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Meet James Britton

Sometimes looking back in life you can see how so many events seemed to be almost conspiring together to bring us to where we are now.  That was very much the case with James Britton and how he became a very successful realtor here in Niagara.

Born in Quebec, his family relocated to Niagara while James was a pre-teen as a result of a job transfer for his Dad.

After high school, James enrolled in the Architectural Engineering program at Niagara College intending to go on to University to complete his degree.  Architectural Engineering was a passion that developed  while working summer jobs in construction during high school.  But a chance encounter with a local Real Estate Broker got James thinking in a different direction.

Did he really want to sit at a desk in his life career.  His passion was real estate and he was a very ‘hands-on’ type of guy.  His Dad had owned rental properties in the area and James had been involved in property management as well as repairs and maintenance.

In the Fall of 1989 James switched his courses at Niagara College to the Real Estate Licensing Program and by early 1990 was on his way to a life long career in real estate sales.

Starting out in real estate when the market hit a severe downtown in 1990 and excelling when so many new licensees did not, one might wonder what James’ Secret to Success is.

“I think my background really helped position me for success in real estate.  I love houses and at the same time I know construction.  When showing a home I’m able to spot pitfalls and see potential.  I can help my clients find the right home or guide them in developing an investment portfolio.”

Give James a call and like so many satisfied clients you’ll soon see why James has been a real estate powerhouse in Niagara for over 30 years.  This is indeed what he was born to do.

Speaks: English
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