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Meet Kelly Hoffer

Kelly is a lifelong resident of St. Catharines where she enjoys baseball, hiking, running, camping, reading and yoga.  She attended Dennis Morris High School and after graduating  began a career in the Food and Beverage industry that lasted twenty years.  Her posltion as Restaurant manager helped her develop strong customer service skills.  Kelly was an integral part of developing a team atmosphere through the organizing of events, parties and team building exercises within the restaurant as the Even coordinator.  

After twenty years in the same field Kelly needed and was ready for a change. Encouraged by a lifelong friend in Real Estate and witnessing a total home renovation , Kelly was hooked and decided to pursue a career as a real estate representative. 

It was a good move for Kelly as she has proven to be an excellent advocate for her clients when helping them with their real estate dreams and is ready to help you today. 




Speaks: English