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Meet Lianne Ottaviano

A career of caring. That’s the best way to describe Lianne’s career path from the day she left school. After high school she went on to train as a dental assistant at George Brown College. Out of that grew a 25 year career in dentistry. And the overriding passion through it all was client care. “Going to the dentist can be a traumatic experience for a lot of people. In addition to good oral hygiene, I wanted to alleviate stress and make the experience as positive as possible.”

Even before her career in dentistry, all the way back to high school, Lianne had always been interested in real estate. Structure and styles of houses. Remodeling and renovation potential. Price points. She found real estate fascinating. Not really sure where it came from Lianne’s parents couldn’t relate. You live in a house. You get a job. They couldn’t understand her passion for real estate. But passionate she was.

This passion continued during her adult life. While working in dentistry, Lianne continued to follow the real estate market. While raising her family she, in addition to owning her own home, purchased rental real estate which she renovated and managed.

Then after 25 years in her initial career, Lianne decided it was time to pursue her true passion. She enrolled in the courses and obtained her real estate sales licence. Now she was in a position to immerse herself in real estate. And she soon realized why this was such a perfect fit for her. Working with clients gave her opportunity to not just sell houses but to really make a difference in peoples lives. To show she cared.

“For a lot of people, just like sitting in that dentist’s chair, buying a home can be a little intimidating. I want to help overcome that. Take them by the hand and walk them through the process. Make it fun. It isn’t about selling a house.  It’s about making a difference in someone’s life. Knowing that I helped them not only get through what could have been a stressful ordeal, but also help to fulfill a dream of theirs.”

For that reason, Lianne loves working with first time buyers. And because she knows firsthand the power of real estate, she finds guiding people into real estate investment very fulfilling. In fact, whenever she can make a difference in someone’s life, when it comes to real estate, she’s anxious to step in.  “I love real estate. I love people. Making a difference. It’s what I enjoy.”

Lianne you have found your calling! Over the years I have witnessed many of your talents but after hiring you to sell our house I am convinced this is what you were born to do. You eased my mind throughout the whole process with your professional calm and patient attitude. You obviously know the market as our house sold with multiple offers and within $100 of your prediction. None of my concerns phased you as you found quick solutions with great resources like your excellent photographer and legal advice. I am raving about you to everyone.”

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