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Meet Lindsey Spano

Ambitious!  If there is one trait you want in the real estate agent that represents you, that would be it.  And that describes Lindsey Spano to a T.

Born in Belleville to a military family, Lindsey got uprooted from time to time growing up as her family was transferred around the country, but much of her early upbringing occurred in the Petawawa area near the army base.

In high school, mostly by chance Lindsey ended up taking as one of her electives, welding, of all things.  But to her amazement, she quite liked it.  And being the person that she is, she put her mind and full effort into it, to the point her instructor took her aside and said “you are by far the best welder in the class, you should consider pursuing it as a career.”  And that is precisely what she did.

For the next few years, Lindsey worked as a welder reservicing heavy equipment.  But then she got pregnant with her first child. She was told by her doctor that she should not weld while pregnant. So she took a leave and went to work as a cleaner.

After learning the business, Lindsey decided that if this was something she was going to do, she ought to get into it full force.  She opened her own cleaning company and with her focus, hard work and determination to excel, she soon had a thriving business with 4-5 employees.

But then, her father, living in Niagara took very ill, and Lindsey felt the right thing to do was to relocate to Niagara and care for him.  She relocated to Niagara and opened a cleaning company here.

Again with hard work and ambition, she was soon extremely busy.  A lot of her clients were realtors getting properties prepped for sale.  Time and again as they got to know her, they would say “You should go into real estate sales, you’d be great.”  Lindsey enjoyed her work, but what she enjoyed most was marketing her brand and interacting with people.  Maybe, she thought, this is the sign I need, just like my welding teacher, guiding me in the direction I should go.  She enrolled in the real estate sales licensing program, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Lindsey along with her husband Frank Spano, and Paul Marcov form the dynamic Spano sales team.  One of the top sales teams in the Niagara area.  All the team members are outstanding in their own right, and Lindsey fits right in.  Just like everything she’s ever tackled, she puts her full effort into her real estate career and amazing results follow.

Speaks: English
100% Club
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