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Meet Matt Shaw

Sometimes when you investigate the great success stories in life, it’s happenchance that gets people to their ultimate destination.  That’s very much the way Matt Shaw ended up selling real estate in Niagara, thousands of miles from where he grew up.

A native of Hereford England, Matt, after high school went on to College and then University where he earned a degree in Criminology.  But while there he met a lovely young lady from Canada and that someone ultimately led Matt to Canada and St. Catharines.

Here in Canada, Matt, an accomplished golfer involved himself in the sport, first as a golf fitter and then as a golf pro.  But 4 or 5 years in, another random event intervened in Matt’s life and changed his direction again.

It was the process of buying his first home here in Canada.  Not content to stand on the sidelines, Matt became very involved in the house hunting and buying process.  Like a lot of home buyers, he searched the internet.  But he also worked alongside his Agent each step of the process.  He was fascinated. This was something he could relate to.

So the young man from Hereford, enrolled in the Real Estate licencing program and entered the field of real estate sales, beginning on an established team in the area.  Before long Matt was extremely successful in his chosen profession, earning numerous production awards at RE/MAX on the local, the regional and the International level.

Today Matt is a stand alone Agent at RE/MAX where he has proven himself extremely successful in all aspects of real estate. He’s traveled a long way to get where he is today, but work with him and you’ll soon realize he’s exactly where he belongs in life. Doing what he loves and doing it very well.

Speaks: English
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