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Meet Viktoria Martin

We all have 24 hours in a day.  But it’s amazing how some people can get so much accomplished in a short time frame where other people cannot.  Viktoria is one of those people.  She is quite simply amazing.  For only being in real estate sales a short time, she has already established herself as one of the very top producers in the industry.  At the same time she is a new mom.  She and her husband are building a new home in the country as well as owning and managing real estate.

After high school Viktoria went on to college to train as a Paramedic.  That career took her first to Newfoundland, then to the oil fields of Alberta and on to Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean.  Not surprisingly she excelled at that occupation while learning to work with people, multi task and perform in stressful situations.

All the while Viktoria harbored a passion for real estate.  She had grown up with a Mom who was an interior designer.  A Dad who designed and built movie sets for the movie industry and a Step-Dad who sold real estate.  When the opportunity came to move back to Niagara and while still working as a paramedic, Viktoria and her husband began to use their skills and family resources to buy and renovate homes.  She found it both exciting and fulfilling to see the transformation she would envision and actually bring to property.

Then in 2017 Viktoria decided it was time to take her passion and skill set and put them to work full time in a career.  She took the real estate courses and plunged head long into real estate sales.

When asked what the key to her amazing success is, Viktoria will tell you “It’s all about relationships. I don’t want to just sell a house. I want to help people find and fulfill their dreams in home ownership. I don’t want to just be their realtor for today. I want to be their realtor for life. Helping them through all the stages of property ownership. Acquisition, renovations, investment. I want to be there for their children and their grandchildren as well.”

An amazing realtor, an amazing lady. Accomplishing already in life what so many others can’t even imagine.

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