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Meet William Smith

Many times in our journey in life it seems that all the experiences we gain along the way are in preparation for our ultimate calling.  That was very much the case with William Smith.  A native of Niagara, William after high school went to Niagara College to study Accounting.  After graduation, he took a job at White Oaks where he worked for 5 years in the finance department while he worked away at his CPA designation.

Then in 2005 when the Niagara Casino opened, William left White Oaks and took a job at the casino, hoping to work his way into the finance department there.  Never afraid to start at the mailroom and work his way up, William began in the beverage department then the VIP deck, as a casino host and eventually into the marketing department.

But in addition to his formal employment, right from College, William always had a passion for real estate. I n fact, even back at College, William along with studies, was investing in rental property.  No doubt with his studies in accounting and finance, William could see the potential for wealth accumulation through real estate.  That conviction eventually led William to leave the Casino and enter the field of real estate sales.

Today William is a well-established and very successful realtor here at RE/MAX Garden City.  He involves himself in all types of real estate across the Peninsula, bringing his marketing skills to play, especially in social media to promote himself as well as the listings he represents.  But he is especially drawn to investment real estate.  With his accounting and finance background he understands how the numbers work, and with his personal involvement, he is well positioned to advise and direct his client and friends as they embark on their journey into building wealth through investment in rental property.  A lot of people have begun building their investment portfolios through William’s guidance and advice.  No doubt many more will do so in the days, months and years ahead.

Speaks: English
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2021, 2020